Koshi River breaks all its barriers

The infamous "Sorrow of Bihar" the Koshi River, which was kept ’somehow’ under control for several decades, has now broken all its barriers, claimed thousands of lives, destroyed lakhs of acres of standing crops, thousands of cattle have been swept away at a deadly speed of over 100 kilometers per hour. In a nut shell the 14 districts of east and north Bihar have been literally annihilated.
The poorest state of India whose economy has been beheaded with the formation of Jharkhand, is surviving on its arable land and its young generation depends on the employment as mass ’teachers’ recruitment by the state government. If its arable land and its standing crops have been lost, its cattle that are the bread read earners for millions of poor families have been swept away, then this first among poor state will be left with nothing, since the major talent and work force (about 70 per cent) of the state is migratory in nature serving in other states of India and are being traumatised and have been targeted by some ’people’ where they have migrated.
Now the biggest question is -- was it not possible by the authorities and government to avert this situation, which is threatening to swallow more than four eastern districts of Bihar and forcing the world’s biggest ever evacuation of more than 20 lakh people.