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via Bihar Flood Relief - 2008 by Ashok on 9/6/08

Dear friends,

In case you are not aware of the organization called Goonj Let me introduce this to you. Goonj is a brainchild of Anshu Gupta. A journalism as well as Advertising & PR graduate from the Indian Institute of Mass Communications, Anshu also holds a Masters in Economics. He started his career with Chaitra Leo Burnett and left Escorts as Manager Corporate Communications in 1998 to start GOONJ.
Goonj can be summarized as - Cloth bank. They collect cloths from various places and distributes the same to needy people. Since Bihar is facing the worst flood in recent times there is great need of cloths for women and children. Please check in your vicinity and donate the cloths to Goonj.
I came to know today that Anshu Gupta himself is looking after the relief work in Bihar. This is good news because now those who want to send cloths for flood affected people need not look further. Cloths can be send to Goonj directly - at following address.
Delhi address:
J- 93 Sarita Vihar,
New Delhi - 110076.
Tel. - 2697 2351, 4140-1216
Patna address:
Mr. Ajay sharma
Khadi Gramodyog
near State Bank of India
DB road, Saharsa
Tel.- 9955903528
Here is response from Mr Anshu Gupta.
On Wed, Sep 3, 2008 at 11:22 PM, anshu goonj <> wrote: kindly send these to
J-93 saritavihar, new delhi-76

On 9/4/08, Ashok Sharma <> wrote:
Dear Anshu ji,
I received a call from Mr Parag who is representing some NGO in USA. He told me that you are involved in flood relief activity in Bihar.
We a dedicated team of professionals too are playing our role. Since we receive many requests where people offer cloths for flood relief, I wanted to check with you whether those cloths can be send to you. Kindly let us know the address where we can send cloths in Patna. If you want us to send cloths to Goonj's Delhi address then please confirm the same.
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