Sex Workers Collecting Money for Bihar Flood Victims....!!

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Sex Workers Collecting Money for Bihar Flood Victims....!!

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Bihar Flood victimsbihar-flood[/caption]

Bihar now experiencing a historic flood disaster.Lakhs of people are now homeless.
Thousands of people missing in the Flood.Lot of properties got vanished in the Flood.
Schools,homes,shelters,farm lands..etc.., all eradicated throughout the Affected
area.The Current scenario is so suffering and makes possible chances of breaking out
of Water Borne Diseases.

Bihar CM Nithish kumar also Proposed a Amount of 1000cr Help from the Central Govt.
All over India, People got moved due to this disaster and begin to show their Helping
Hands for the Bihar People.
More Interestingly Sex Workers from Purina,Very moved by the footage of bihar disaster
through media now begin to show their part in helping the flood victims.
They begin to Collect money from the people in the streets.
We are fine here. We have houses to live. But we don't get to see the suffering of those who are braving the floods, and those whose homes are destroyed. So we are collecting money for them," says a sex worker Muskan.
The floods have affected normal business in red light areas as well but that is not stopping these women from coming out to do their bit. The response to this initiative has been warm in most places.

To help the flood victims call 0-9811320806.
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