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via Bihar Flood Relief - 2008 by Vivek Kumar on 9/3/08

Dear friends,
The water levels have reduced in most of the affected areas.The new kosi is merging with Ganges at two points now, old and the new merging points. This acts as a buffer for the whole region and incidences of sudden spurt of water level will minimise.The reduced water level also brings in increase in chances of water borne infections. The most vulnerable sections are the infants and young children who are malnourished and exhausted by continuous exposure to extreme hardship.We have asked our friends to send milk powder, baby food supplements and the type to help these children to stabilize and recuperate properly. These children have already been exposed for up to 14 days extreme weather conditions and acute shortage of food.Guneshwar ji (Ahmedabad) and Vinod ji(Bangalore) have already sent/ are sending these for the children. All these products will be personally delivered to(primarily) women and children welfare camps in Supaul district; namely Birpur,Pratap gunj and Chatapur blocks. Chatapur is still out of reach and we hope the army will get in there today. Am attaching pictures of medicines sent to Forbasegunj. As reported, Forbasegunj is well equipped with supplies now,hence we will be starting with baby food at Supaul. I should be receiving 2nd consignment of chlorine( 3 lak tablets) today. I will update the details after receiving them.

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