Bihar flood

Bihar floods man made disaster: Union minister
Press Trust of India - New Delhi,India
The RJD MP claimed that while according to the Bihar government's 'flood news', the embankment was safe till the evening of August 17, it developed a breach ...
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CNN-IBN lends a helping hand for the Bihar flood victims Announces ... - Mumbai,Maharashtra,India
With its special programming initiative, CNN-IBN invites its viewers to come forward and help in aid for Bihar flood victims through a special helpline ...
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Flood victims cope in India's Bihar state
ReliefWeb (press release) - Geneva,Switzerland
No one in 13-year-old Soni Kumari's village in Bihar's Supaul District had ever seen a flood. The village lies far away from the river. ...
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Reuters AlertNet

EFICOR's Bihar Flood relief update
Reuters AlertNet - London,England,UK
The flood situation in River Kosi's new course areas is slightly getting better as the water is slowly receding. As per the government statistics there are ...
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Peninsula On-line

Indian team delivers aid to flood victims in Bihar
Peninsula On-line - Qatar
DOHA • Two members of Bihar Flood Relief Committee (BFRC), Qatar travelled to Bihar with aid and met with major relief workers in the region to assess ...
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Rs 80-cr govt aid for flood-hit students
Times of India - India
The banks in Bihar, on the other hand, would launch a special drive to disburse consumption loan among flood-hit people of Saharsa, Madhepura, Supaul, ...
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Life on embankments..
By Chandan(Ashok)
Darafga embankment is providing shelter to more than a thousand families who could not make it to the. larger government camps. Their temporary shelter is made of bamboo sticks supporting clothes or plastic sheets as canopy. Almost ...
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ISC launches charity campaign to raise funds for Bihar flood victims
By allvoices / news
Indian Social Club has undertaken a widespread charity drive to raise funds for the flood victims of Bihar, a state in eastern India, under the aegis of the Indian Embassy and as approved by the Ministry of Social Development (Ref. ...
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Success in the Trenches in Flood-Ravaged Bihar, India
By John Lindner
Ground water in Bihar, India is everywhere. You can be pretty certain that within one day of manual drilling you will reach water. It is finding suitable water for drinking that is difficult. In Kenya on the other hand, reaching the ...
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Bihar deploys police as flood victims protest
Many thousands of peasants in the Indian state of Bihar refused to leave their homes when flooding hit the region at the end of August. At the time, the Indian government mounted a chaotic "aid effort." As a BBC correspondent put it, ...
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Flood Relief in Remote Areas of Bihar
By युग मानस yugmanas(युग मानस yugmanas)
by flood water still and administration is still not succeeded to make communication with them. We reached there with boat and made a list of about 300 most poor family. At first, we are providing food there. ...
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