Bihar flood

Aid for Bihar flood survivors
South Asian Focus - Brampton,Ontario,Canada
Acting Indian Consul-General Surender Arora received donations for the Bihar flood victims from Sunil Rao, editor, South Asian Focus, at the consulate's ...
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Bay Area organizing Bihar Flood Relief Day - Union City,CA,USA
FREMONT: Bay Area organizations have come together to raise funds for the relief of Bihar flood hit. Led by the American Organization for Development of ...
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India Today

Bihar flood takes a toll on education
India Today - New Delhi,India
While the class 10th board students had filled up their forms before the flood catastrophe struck Bihar, the Plus Two students are groping in the dark. ...
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Paxcel Technologies Pvt. Ltd, donates to Bihar Relief
By MADAD(Dharmendar)
Paxcel Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Gurgaon donated Rs. 25000/- for relief work at Bihar.
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Flood Relief Work today
By bihar-flood-relief(bihar-flood-relief)
Continuing with the relief operations in Bihar, team of doctors from Doctors for You is currently working in the camps organized jointly by Tata Institute of Social Sciences and Delhi School of Social Sciences. ...
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IIT Kharagpur contributes to Bihar flood victims
By unknown volunteer(unknown volunteer)
(Bihar Flood 2008); Seva Bharati joins hands with Seva International. (Bihar Flood 2008); The Godavari and Sabari Flood Disaster. (Andhra Pradesh Flood 2006); Seva Bharati mustered a large no. of its volunteers who went in the remotest ...
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Airtel, MIT plan flood prediction system in Bihar
Ranchi: Massive destruction to lives and property in Bihar due to sudden floods will be a thing of past. Soon people of the flood-prone district in the eastern Indian state will have an information system which would predict the likely ...
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Your Gateway to Delhi
By Mayank Austen Soofi(Mayank Austen Soofi)
Bihar Diary-II: Misery in the Water World The Delhi Walla volunteers in the flood hit Bihar; by Mayank Austen Soofi Bihar Diary-I: First Impressions The Delhi Walla goes to volunteer in the flood hit region; by Mayank Austen Soofi ...
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