India's Most and Least Corrupt States!

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In the Global Corruption Index, a survey of 133 nations conducted by TI (a Berlin-based anti-graft watchdog), India is ranked 72 among 180 countries as far as corruption is concerned. In India all the states are categorized into 4 categories: Alarmingly Corrupt; Very Highly Corrupt; Highly Corrupt; and Moderately Corrupt.

Alarmingly Corrupt:

There are four states in this category.


Bihar is the 12th largest Indian state in terms of area and the third largest when it comes to population. This highly downtrodden state has never been able to rise above poverty, corruption and natural calamities.

Jammu & Kashmir

Kashmir was once called the paradise on earth, but today it is nothing but a constant battleground between Indian security forces and terrorists. Terror strikes have reduced the once-booming tourism trade in the state to nothing but a distant memory.

According to the survey, police department in all these states tops the corruption chart, followed by others — including the forest department, land records/registration and housing.

Electricity, banking, education, water supply and the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme fell under the other corrupt services.

Madhya Pradesh

Nepotism and corruption are very conspicuous in this state.

Uttar Pradesh

India’s most populous state, with agriculture as its main occupation is fighting a losing battle against corruption. It is one of India’s major tourist hubs, especially since it houses the magnificent Taj Mahal in Agra. The state also has some large manufacturing units and is one of the top IT centers in India too.

Very Highly Corrupt:


It has one of the fastest growing economies in the country with a booming IT sector as its backbone, still it is a very highly corrupt state.


This state has a lot to offer as far as tourism is concerned. It stands strong with forts to guard its periphery, yet it has to fight tooth and nail to curb the growing corruption.

Tamil Nadu

The fact that the state is categorized as being ‘Very Highly Corrupt’ is quite surprising as Tamil Nadu is also one of India’s most literate states, bursting with great talent across all sectors of human activity. Its per capita income too is higher than the national average.

Highly Corrupt:


It is one of the fastest growing states but is a victim of long time neglect due to which corruption is rising here.


India’s capital Delhi is one of India’s richest states with its per capita income more than twice the national average. The state is the seat of the Indian government and, perhaps, that makes it vulnerable to corruption as industrialists and common folk alike throng the corridors of power to get their ‘work done.’


It is one of the richest states in the country with major projects like Reliance industries backing it. It also has a rich and flourishing agricultural sector, and is also blessed with rich mineral ore.


It was carved out of Bihar in 2000, and is dogged my corruption at all levels of government.


It is one of the most literate states of the country. The standard of living in Kerala is among the best in India. The state has a very well developed tourism, banking and finance, and communications sectors.


Mineral –rich Orissa has been on the forefront of privatization and economic reforms despite the high levels of poverty. Even this could not save it from being in the Highly corrupt category.

Moderately Corrupt:

Andhra Pradesh

This state has emerged as a major IT hub. This sector has generated large-scale employment in the urban areas of the state.


Haryana is the home of major IT and BPO firms. It is also a huge manufacturing base for many a global company, having received a massive amount of foreign direct investment. The state’s business-friendly policies have seen it grow on all parameters of economic development. It is also one of India’s richest states.

Himachal Pradesh

This state lies in the lap of nature and attracts thousands of tourists. The state also has mega hydro-electric projects.


Maharashtra is India’s most industrialized state. It is also one of the richest. It has a great mix of giant industrial units, well developed agricultural base, flourishing services sector, a fairly free market economy, and a booming financial, banking, and insurance sector.


It is one of the richest states with agriculture as its mainstay.


This state was carved out of UP. Uttarakhand is blessed with natural beauty that helps promote tourism. It also has many dams where it seeks investment to set up huge power projects.

West Bengal

Being economically backward, the state becomes a hotbed for corruption. West Bengal, despite its problems, is one of the fastest growing states in India due to rapid industrialization and a booming information technology sector. West Bengal is also a power-surplus state.