Koshi Flood

Indo-Nepal water talks resume in Kathmandu after four years
Khabrein.info - New Delhi,Delhi,India
... cum-Diversion Scheme, Naumure Multi Purpose Hydel project and Pancheshwor Hydro Power Project and issues relating to recurring Koshi flood among others. ...
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Devastating flood rendered lakhs homeless, 50 dead in Orissa
Organiser - New Delhi,India
By Deepak Kumar Rath Hapless people are facing centre’s apathetic attitude of not announcing flood a national calamity. If Koshi river is responsible for ...
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Displaced boy dies of diarrhoea
Kantipur Online - Kathmandu,Nepal
5-year old Govinda Urao was taking shelter at the government-run camp after being displaced by the Koshi flood. The Armed Police Force said that Urao was ...
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Koshi Flood
By Vachak(Vachak)
Politics of Double Talk Bihar Times - Patna,Bihar,India In the aftermath of the Koshi flooding, many politicians have used grandstanding to gain notoriety. Some have accused Mr. Nitish Kumar for the flooding ... See all stories on this ...
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Kosi Medical Camp - Part 2
By madhesi
The write-up of the first Medical Camp organized by D2 provides a good Situation Report (http://www.everestuncensored.org/3126/2008/09/04/health-camp-in-koshi-flood-area/) surrounding the tragedy. This time around, D2’s team from ...
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Devastating flood rendered lakhs homeless, 50 dead in Orissa By ...
By Pranab(Pranab)
If Koshi river is responsible for the flood calamity in Bihar, then the Mahanadi is responsible for the devastating flood in Orissa. After 26 long years, the flood situation is very grim this year. Since 1982, the people of Orissa had ...
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By Punkrider(Punkrider)
The river flow at the time was lower than the minimum average flow for the month of August, and hence not even close to a normal flood, which had not even begun during this monsoon. In the Koshi, it generally occurs from mid-August to ...
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